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Quick-witted lifeguards save life of woman at Jurong East Swimming Complex

Stomp | Monday, May 26, 2014

A woman nearly drowned during an open house event at Jurong East Swimming Complex on May 24, but was thankfully saved by lifeguards in time.

Stomp contributor Sabrina had seen how lifeguards performed ​mouth to mouth resuscitation on the woman after removing her from the water.

She told Stomp:

"Open house gone wrong. At around 8pm on May 24, a woman encountered problems in the water (probably leg cramps).

"Lifeguards rushed to the scene, with one of them jumping into the pool to save her. She was still conscious when lifeguards pulled her out of the pool.

"However, once lying down, the woman used her hands to request her swimming cap be taken off.

"Moments after a lifeguard took off her swimming cap, she was unconscious.

"More lifeguards came to the scene to maintain the situation.

"A lady lifeguard attempted mouth to mouth resuscitation.

"Minutes later, the first aid crew brought in a stretcher and brought her out of the area. Hopefully all is well."

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