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Sunday, Oct 19, 2014


Resident tosses junk out her flat with no regard for cleanliness or safety

Stomp | Sunday, Oct 19, 2014

SINGAPORE - A resident of a housing block at Strathmore Avenue has upset her neighbours by throwing items out of her flat window, endangering the lives of her fellow residents.

Stomp contributor Chan wrote in to the citizen journalism website to express her frustration on how her upstairs neighbour at Block 48 of Strathmore Avenue constantly throws rubbish out of her flat.

The discarded items include unfinished food, empty bottles, styrofoam boxes, batteries, used tissues and more.

Said the Stomp contributor: "My upstairs neighbour at Block 48, Strathmore Avenue has been littering from his/her window every night without fail.

"The items are thrown out of the unit window without any regard for cleanliness or the fact it might hit someone downstairs.

"Although numerous complaints have been made to NEA, no affirmative action has been taken.

"I am at wits' end and hope this post will lead to action and the perpetrator to the arms of the law."

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