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Friday, Sep 12, 2014


Roadshow structure at Suntec City Mall collapses and hits staff's head

Stomp | Friday, Sep 12, 2014

SINGAPORE - Stomp contributor Johnaton witnessed the ceiling of a structure built for the OGAWA roadshow at Suntec City Mall falling and hitting a man beneath it yesterday (Sep 11).

According to the Stomp contributor, he and his family were standing just a short distance away when the structure collapsed.

Johnaton told Stomp in a phone conversation:

"I was at Suntec City Mall on Sep 11 evening when I witnessed the ceiling of the OGAWA roadshow structure falling off and hitting someone underneath.

"It was very lucky for me and my family as we were just a few feet away from the structure when it came down."

A photo taken by Johnaton shows the staff member of the roadshow sitting in a daze after getting hit on the head.

Other photos he contributed show the chunk of ceiling which had fallen and been moved aside.

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