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Friday, Aug 8, 2014


RSAF ground-based air defenders answer nightly call of duty for National Day

RSAF | Friday, Aug 8, 2014

This year, Ground-Based Air Defenders LTA Andrew Lee and LCP Lim Teng from 163 SQN will be celebrating National Day in a completely different fashion. They will not be catching the fireworks or celebrating the occasion with their loved ones.

Instead, they will be answering their call of duty - this means setting out for their deployment in the evening to relieve their buddies from the day shift, and staying outfield while most of us are in bed.

Our GBAD warriors are part of Team RSAF defending Singapore's skies 24/7.

"When my friends asked me what my plans are for National Day, I told them that I would be on duty. To me, this is my way of contributing to Singapore this National Day," said LCP Lim, a Full-Time National Serviceman. "It feels good to be protecting Singapore."

For LTA Lee, National Day is no different when it comes to air defence. "My role is to ensure that our air space is guarded," said the Air Warfare Officer (Ground-Based Air Defence) who operates the I-HAWK system. "It is my honour to be on duty during my country's birthday. We are vigilant every day, not just on National Day."

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