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She married me despite my breasts

The New Paper | Foo Jie Ying | Monday, Jan 13, 2014

She married a Singaporean man with breasts. And the Vietnamese bride did it willingly.

Madam Kim Ngan's husband, Mr Kurt Tay, made the front page of The New Paper in May last year when he said he had C-cup breast implants not because he was transgender, but because he simply wanted them.

The 28-year-old security guard even said he wanted to return to Thailand to get a G-cup bust. Madam Kim, 27, declined to be interviewed, but Mr Tay spoke on her behalf.

She was willing to marry me despite my breasts, he said.

He paid $8,000 to a matchmaking agency in Peninsula Plaza to find him a wife.

His parents were upset with him and he felt it was time to settle down.

He admitted that he initially wanted to hide the truth about his implants during the matchmaking process.

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