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Friday, Apr 21, 2017


Singapore researchers turn water into 'lemonade'

Reuters | Friday, Apr 21, 2017

Photo: Reuters

It looks like lemonade and apparently it tastes like it too. But these glasses are actually filled with water.

A research team in Singapore's Keio-NUS CUTE (Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments) centre said they have devised a way to make water taste like lemonade.

They start off by dipping a sensor into a glass of real lemonade. The PH value is then remotely transmitted to electrode strips running along the top of a glass of water - which emulates the taste.

The scientists working on the project said the flavour can then be transmitted through the internet to a friend. The team also claimd there are health benefits to their prototype. The centre is a joint collaboration between National University of Singapore (NUS) and Keio University, Japan

Two students from the university were given a taste test in front of a reporter. They said they liked the idea, but one student did suggest minor improvements.

The digital lemonade is the team's first prototype for this experiment...and they're confident that people will be drinking and sharing 'virtual lemonade' in the future.


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