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Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013


S'pore could see hotter, wetter days next century

The Sunday Times | Feng Zengkun | Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013

SINGAPORE - Singapore should brace itself for hotter and wetter days in the next century.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) on Saturday held its own briefing on what a long-anticipated global climate change study by a United Nations panel - which was released on Friday - means for Singapore.

According to NEA's preliminary findings, if the earth heats up by 2100 as expected, very heavy storms in Singapore will "very likely" become even more frequent and intense.

A 3 deg C rise in Singapore's temperature, for instance, means that a very heavy storm, which has a 1 per cent chance of happening in any given year, will be five times as likely to occur.

Heavy storms have already become more frequent here in the last few decades, according to the Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS).

In 1980, there were only five days with rainfall of more than 70mm in an hour. That increased to 10 days last year.

The highest amount of rain which fell in an hour also increased from 80mm in 1980 to 107mm over the same period.

Hotter "temperatures that Singapore encounters occasionally now could become the norm in the future", the NEA added in a press statement.

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