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Azim Azman
Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013
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Singapore, activities

S'pore's first SantaCon kicks off at Boat Quay

S'pore's first SantaCon kicks off at Boat Quay

The New Paper | Azim Azman | Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013

SINGAPORE - Traditionally, Santa Claus is more used to snow than monsoon rain.

But on Friday, a group of people braved a trademark tropical downpour for Singapore's inaugural SantaCon, which kicked off with a Santa Crawl at Boat Quay.

A SantaCon is a gathering of people dressed in Santa Claus and festive costumes in public, while a Santa Crawl is an event where participants dressed up in that unmistakable red costume go from pub to pub to have a drink.

SantaCon is an event new to Singapore, but it has been held in cities such as New York and Perth.

Indeed, Singapore's version featured a SantaCon "veteran" of sorts.

"I was at Perth's SantaCon last week and since I'm here on vacation, I decided to attend this one too," said system analyst Chris Cooper, 54, one of the few "Santas" with a real white beard.

SantaCons are usually one-day affairs which involve plenty of drinking.

Indeed, the website for the New York SantaCon describes it a "nonsensical convention that happens once a year for absolutely no reason".

Singapore's SantaCon lasted two days - Friday and Saturday - and featured events such as pole-dancing Santarinas and a Miss Santabella pageant.