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Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014


Spotted: Huge creature lurking in Pasir Ris Park drain

Stomp | Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014

SINGAPORE - Stomp contributor Sulaiman had the shock of his life when he found a hulking monitor lizard while he was jogging in Pasir Ris Park at around 12.45pm yesterday (Sep 30).

“Initially I thought the lizard was already dead since it was cramped within the confines of the drain, but when I went up and poked the lizard with a stick, the lizard reacted to it!” said Sulaiman.

After confirming that the lizard was alive, Sulaiman went off.

Sulaiman said he did not notify the authorities as he thought the lizard would be able to find its own way out.

“I have never seen one so massive before and I hope the lizard made its way out safely,” added Sulaiman.

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