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They fall 3 storeys after 18m-beam collapses

The New Paper | Rennie Whang, Gerald Chan, Elizabeth Law | Saturday, Feb 1, 2014

SINGAPORE - For about five seconds Wednesday, the air around Palawan Beach in Sentosa was filled with the sound of falling metal.

Part of the formwork at the construction site of a family entertainment centre had collapsed at about 3.10pm.

Eleven construction workers, who were doing cement casting on top of the formwork structure of a beam, were injured falling from the three-storey structure.

The full length of the beam, which was to eventually support the roof slab, is 78m. The portion that collapsed was 18m-long.

One of the workers later died at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

A sales assistant at a nearby 7-Eleven kiosk said that he heard a series of crashing sounds before he saw about 20 workers running out from the site, looking scared.

"I could hear them shouting. Three to five workers on the section of the beam that was still intact rushed towards the collapsed area to check on their friends," he said.

Project director Poh Hua Nong of construction company Debenho said the formwork was a few days old.

He said he could not comment on what might have caused the incident as it was under investigation.

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