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Monday, Oct 21, 2013


Waiting for a flat

The New Paper | Monday, Oct 21, 2013

It is an open-air carpark at one end of East Coast Park.

Deserted, dark, and quiet - perfect for amorous couples.

But the people who park their vehicles at carpark F2 every time night falls are not usually there for a fling.

Instead, some are living out of their vehicles while waiting to get a proper roof over their heads.

Some have been there for a few weeks, while one family claimed the van has been their home for almost two years.

The New Paper spotted at least three families with their "homes" of all shapes and sizes at carpark F2 on Wednesday night.

Some were in vans, others in open-back lorries.

While not all of these families agreed to speak to us, those who did told TNP that the "residents" there are mostly regulars who don't live in flats.

They are at the carpark because of free parking.

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