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Monday, Nov 3, 2014


Watch how National Servicemen react when they see an MRT seat reserved just for them

Stomp | Monday, Nov 3, 2014

How do you think National servicemen would react if they saw a seat on public transport that was reserved just for them?

A social experiment by The Hidden Good sought to find out just that.

A video posted on The Hidden Good's YouTube page shows a man placing a chair with a sign that says 'Reserved for National Servicemen' on MRT trains.

A cameraman then waited to see if any servicemen would take the seat. However, none of the NSFs who boarded the train did so.

The man who placed the chair there then goes up to the NSFs to talk to them. He asks them if they think it is ok for them to take a seat on public transport, or if they feel uncomfortable to be on trains.

He also asks them how they would feel if a seat was reserved for them on public transport.

One NSF says that he would rather see others sitting on the seats than to occupy it himself.

He explains that he feels that since the soldiers are protecting the country, he would prefer it if the citizen took the seat instead of himself.

Many netizens have commended the project, saying it shows how much the public appreciate the effort servicemen put into their Army lives.

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