Beef and chicken items were unavailable in the Shanghai area, though fish and pork could be ordered. -AFP
Government departments should strictly supervise every key point in the supply chain, said a Shanghai party chief. -China Daily/ANN
Mastor Long understands only too well the attachment Malaysians have to sweet treats and is only too happy to spread the season's joy with the toffee-like dodol he painstakingly churns out...
The parent company of a scandal-hit Chinese food supplier said it is withdrawing all products made by the subsidiary. -Reuters
In Kinshasa's Gambela market shoppers can find insects for every occasion - from unctuous white weevil larvae for fancy dinners to crispy caterpillars and snacky termites that stick in your...
A fluffy steamed bao filled with char siew is one of the most delicious things to eat. Less common here is the baked version. -ST
A scoop of vanilla ice cream is "drowned" in a hot espresso shot. -ST
Its chicken's burnished skin and juicy, tender meat makes me abandon table manners, grab the carcass and pick at it with my fingers. -ST
Cherry Garden introduces the Oriental Mooncake with Silver Lotus Paste, Yuzu and Melon Seeds. -ST
Temptations lurk everywhere on Wolf's pork chop menu. -ST