McDonald's is celebrating the new year in a big way with free breakfasts on Dec 28, and "All-Day Breakfast" from Jan 1 to 4. -SoShiok
Grinning widely, Tran Quang Thieu brandishes the day's haul: 10 kilos of rats caught in rice paddies near Hanoi. -AFP
Australia's many dining attractions offer plenty of reasons for you to indulge. -tabla!
Wei Lih Men became involved in the oil scandal by misusing tainted oil that had been mixed with animal feed oil. -China Post/ANN
The Sherwood Taipei suffered major online criticism from netizens over reports that the hotel's restaurant served rabbit meat as part of its seasonal winter menu. -China Post/ANN
The two founders wanted healthier options and focused on innovation. -ST
Actor Oscar Leung met up with M at Italian- Mediterranean restaurant Papi in a West Kowloon mall. -TNP
Chotto Matte is one of the latest additions to the growing number of Japanese eateries in Singapore, serving a $100 omakase that brings in the crowds. -TNP
Not sure what to have for Christmas this year? Why not try these 9 delectable & novel Christmas goodies on sale this Dec? -Special Projects Unit
EU member states have introduced fish catch limits for next year for the Atlantic and North Sea. -AFP