The signs are that lamb is losing the broad appeal that had made it a symbolic staple of celebratory meals for centuries. -AFP
The book includes brief sections on more than 400 restaurants, wine bars, makgeolli houses and other places to eat and drink in the city. -Korea Herald/ANN
The requiem will kick off with a funeral service for Oberyn, before guests can tuck into their Dornish-inspired delights. -TNP
The menu is inspired by Hong Kong's quick meal dishes, tweaked to Singaporean tastes. -TNP
The food we ate in Thailand was very simple and authentic, it reminded me of home-cooked fare in Singapore. -TNP
With Easter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a decadent feast. -Skyscanner
Japanese food maker House Foods Group said it has developed onions that produce an extremely low amount of enzymes which creates compounds that make so many cooks tear up. -Wall Street Journal
Both are successful celebrity television chefs and have traded barbs before. -AFP
The coffee chain, which has about 12,000 US shops, will offer smoothies made with its own Evolution Fresh juices. -Reuters
He believes cacao beans should be sourced directly from farmers and contain only natural ingredients. -Reuters