South Koreans tend to drink coffee far more often than they eat their traditional staple food. -Korea Herald/ANN
Restaurant Zam Zam in Singapore serves a delicious murtabak which can be called Singapore's version of fast food. -Yomiuri Shimbun/ANN
The country will import meat products from five Chinese suppliers to widen its import market for meat. -China Daily/ANN
A big steaming pot of mussels is a great communal dish that allows everyone to dig in, and always looks great. -TNP
Bjorn Shen writes candidly about running a restaurant in his cookbook. -ST
Chef Anne-Cecile Degenne calls her fusion dishes "travelling cuisine." -ST
The 73-year-old CEO of Capcom owns an Olympic-sized vineyard which produces about 150,000 bottles of wine a year. -ST
The rolls have an intense green tea flavour which balances the sweetness of the cream filling. -ST
This delicious milk tea has a big personality, and goes down a treat. -ST
This appetising dry prawn mee comes topped with thick chilli sauce and additional ingredients like tau pok, fishcake and hard-boiled egg, besides the usual like prawns and soft-bone pork ribs. -ST