"Although I'm vegetarian, I've never fancied mock meat. I like my greens better." -TNP
"Customers tell me that the taste of my bread is different compared to bakeries using electronic or even gas ovens." -The Star/ANN
Fans of roast goose, pork belly, ducklings and pigeons will not be disappointed by charcoal-roasted delights in Guangzhou city. -AsiaOne
A perfect noodle dish for a hot sultry night. -MYB
Broth to close next month for chef-owner Steven Hansen to deal with alcohol addiction. -ST
Whether it's chilli crab or prata, more customers picking up meals at kerbside. -ST
"In the past, I dared to drink only latte or milk coffee," said Sung. -TNP
US top chef brings Indian and French cuisines together for delicious movie. -TNP
Although Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) are allowed to be used in some food products, it is not allowed to always be directly injected into meat. -China Post/ANN