Hong Kong has boosted its number of starred restaurants due to an influx of foreign chefs, Michelin said Friday as it released its 2015 guide for the southern Chinese city. -AFP
Taiwanese tycoon Wei Ying Chung was slapped with nearly 140 fraud charges on Thursday over his alleged role in Taiwan's latest food safety scare, prosecutors said. -AFP
What would you do if you and your friends left the cafe for 30 minutes and staff cleared the belongings and drinks you left behind to reserve or 'chope' the table? -SPH Razor, SoShiok
The McDonald's branch in South Melbourne takes fast food to the next level. -Stomp
The drink is so thin and clear you probably wouldn't have noticed this object. -Stomp
There are many types of flour in the market today, and how do we tell them apart? -The Star/ANN
The humanoid robot is touted as being capable of learning and expressing human emotions, and serving as a companion or guide. -Reuters
Pumpkins are ideal not only for decorations, but also in cooking during this Halloween season. -The Star/ANN
Fried locusts, ant soup and other dishes made from insects could be the answer to the current global food crisis. -China Daily/ANN
Fans of the Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade branch will be pleased to know that it has returned at a new location in Orchard Central. -My Paper