Some products were removed from shelves after the results came out. -China Post/ANN
Pauline D. Loh tastes the down-home flavors of a Suzhou eatery named after the humble rice plant. -China Daily/ANN
One of Penang's strongest attractions is its food, says Singaporean tourist. -The Star/ANN
A consumer was shocked was she found a black and white object in a packet of apple juice. -Stomp
Egg prices are not affected by toll charges. -ST
Singaporeans must accept that the rising costs of raw materials, rent and manpower will have an impact on food. -ST
Fish farms turn to home delivery to stave off Malaysian rivals. -ST
It is good to study the secrets behind the success of some of these hawkers, who face the same challenges as others. -ST
Feline and dog lovers can interact with the resident pets in a relaxing and comfortable environment.
Locals question if the food prepared by locals at home could be sold by foreign workers at hawker stalls. -The Star/ANN