Consumers may soon get to buy organic vegetables with a local stamp of approval. -ST
McDonald's Japan earlier this month said a human tooth was found inside a package of French fries sold at its restaurant, it remains a mystery how a tooth could end up in a meal. -The Wall...
Try as I might, I can never finish a whole bowl of bian mian at one sitting. -ST
How do you get Singaporeans to go to a new location? Pull them in with lots of food offerings, of course. -BT, SoShiok
Sunaba Coffee is one of the most entertaining topics when it comes to Tottori Prefecture, with three Sunaba Coffee shops opened last year. -Japan News/ANN
Traces of rodent activity have been found in 14 food and beverage (F&B) outlets at Marina Square. -My Paper
The trio were told by staff at the Japanese-Italian eatery that they would have to dine elsewhere. -My Paper
Beauty In The Pot serves a collagen hotpot that is not only tasty but also reasonably priced. -ST
Fitness trainer See Toh Jia Xin, who is also an avid baker, says healthy baked goods can taste good too. -ST
Whoever thought up the idea of adding chilli to chocolate is possibly a genius. -ST