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Wednesday, Jun 18, 2014

Food, Singapore

Check out this unsightly mess left behind on foodcourt table

Stomp | Wednesday, Jun 18, 2014

Stomp contributor Isabella was disgusted at this mess left behind on a table at a foodcourt at Clifford Centre during lunchtime today.

The Stomp contributor felt bad for the cleaner who would have to deal with the food remnants.

She wrote in an email to Stomp:

"I was at Clifford Centre's Foodfare for lunch today and this is what the group of professionals at the table we were waiting for left us - a huge mess of leftovers on the table!

"It was disgusting and gross with chicken skin, bones, prawn shells, bits of rice, and curry sauce all over the table.

"The best part was that they left without cleaning up after themselves.

"This bunch of 'educated' people have zero respect for the next customers and the poor cleaner.

"Due to the lunchtime crowd, we decided to hold our gag in and just settle down at that table.

"But I felt really bad for the aunty who had to clean this mess up."

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