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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Food, Singapore

Lecturer suffers burns to neck and eyelid after fire incident at barbeque restaurant

AsiaOne | Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Inset: Burns sustained by Mr Wang on the back of his neck

SINGAPORE - A polytechnic lecturer who went to eat barbequed fish at a restaurant with two other friends ended up with second-degree burns on the back of his neck and right ear, as well as injuries to his eyelid after a waiter accidentally set the grill on fire.

Chinese evening daily Shin Min Daily News reported that Mr Paul Wang Bao Shuang, 37, visited the Zhong Hua Bao Ding restaurant located at South Bridge Road on Monday evening.

During the meal, Mr Wang saw that the grill was running low on gel fuel, and requested for the waiter to top it up.

But the waiter did not check to see that the flames in the grill were completely extinguished when he did so, resulting in a spray of flames that burnt Mr Wang. Both his friends suffered burns on their fingers.

Mr Wang's mouth and nose were also injured.


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