Only an election and commitment to reform will bring this political impasse to a democratic end and prevent a reoccurrence of political chaos. -The Nation/ANN
Sunday night's riot in Little India has now raised the question of whether Singapore is doing enough to care for the social needs of these migrant workers.. - ST/MyPaper
Keep a finger on the pulse of migrant worker communities to better understand the issues they face. -ST
Britain recently abolished the offence as a form of contempt of court, but it remains on law books of common law countries jurisdictions such as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and S'pore. -ST
When the experiences of individuals deviate from macro figures, the rational response is to ask why this is the case, and what can be done to change things. -ST
It took just over 12 years of negotiations before the 159 nations in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) managed to reach an agreement. -ST
News that the United Nations cultural organisation has added traditional Japanese food to its cultural heritage list is very welcome, although one wonders why it took so long. -ST
An official poverty line can help convey the size of the current problem and mobilise the community to become engaged. -ST
Many credit him with the "miracle" of avoiding bloodshed during the highly charged power transition. -ST
Spousal abuse is the most common form of family violence in Singapore, according to a new study by Pave, the leading agency that deals with such cases. -ST
Three heartland households, three different struggles. - TNP
What happens when your snap decisions lead to tragedy - and can you really recover? -ST
Varying rates can mean big gap in what commuters pay for same ride. -ST
How unprepared parents and children are to deal with child sexual abuse. -China Daily/ANN
The fact of the matter was that the attacks were directed at Singapore and Singaporeans. -st
Having made HADR the centrepiece of recent defence cooperation exercises, ASEAN should respond more convincingly to the disaster in the Philippines. -ST
Rich nations see demand for aid as a potential trap, locking them into a never-ending liability for compensation. -AFP
Writer suggests a framework that cuts Singapore's success into five facets. -ST
Disaster diplomacy ought to be based on good neighbourliness and not be too calculating or tardy. -ST
Many of us have no clue how to deal with the explosion of ideas in various platforms - whether it's just graffiti on a wall or on social media. -The Star/ANN