Calls of President Xi Jinping and the new leaders to take firm steps to reform China's political and economic systems have been loud but not too clear. -ST
The recent move to ban the website Ashley Madison has pretty much split opinion right down the middle. -TNP
Does it rob you of imagination and leave you as a mere receptacle of sensorial overloading? -ST
As social safety nets widen, there is an urgent need to boost the wages of the working poor and help them stay in the workforce and keep their families together as best as they can. -ST
Treating public transport as a social good requires making it accessible and affordable to commuters at large, particularly the more vulnerable members of society. -ST
Author argues that Empress Dowager Cixi pioneered country's move to modernity. -ST
Singapore has many strengths, including a unique ability to bring the East and West together in a way that provides hope to those who worry that such competing civilisations may be incompatible. - ST
Good-natured persuasion by example is more useful than just issuing tickets. -ST
It attracts customers to sign up in droves, but simultaneously alienates investors. -ST
I was from a disadvantaged family and my mother was my hero. At one point, she held down three jobs just to feed us and to keep us in school. -TNP
One possibility worthy of serious consideration is to revive inter-faith dialogues during which all issues can be thrashed out behind closed doors. -ST
Immigrants must respect the cultural norms, practices and expectations of this country, but Singaporeans must give them both the social space and the time to fit in. -ST
Netizens need to be aware of when our politicians speak on the Web as citizens. -ST
Yet, with the buffet of entertainment options today, the joy of reading is still alive and well.
Her name was Mrs Mak, and she was a stern middle-aged woman with a complexion scarred by intense battles with pimples in her youth. -ST
Commuters are so baffled by the profusion of flag-down fares, metered fares, surcharges and phone booking charges that many can't keep up with the changes. - TNP
There should also be a separate database on disabled people in Singapore. - ST
More can be done to develop audiences for local films past and present. -ST
China's size is such that when it grows, it moves the earth and everything else in its wake. -ST
Various studies on Singaporeans' happiness and well-being consistently show that money-related issues weigh most on their minds. -Singapolitics