I was from a disadvantaged family and my mother was my hero. At one point, she held down three jobs just to feed us and to keep us in school. -TNP
One possibility worthy of serious consideration is to revive inter-faith dialogues during which all issues can be thrashed out behind closed doors. -ST
Immigrants must respect the cultural norms, practices and expectations of this country, but Singaporeans must give them both the social space and the time to fit in. -ST
Netizens need to be aware of when our politicians speak on the Web as citizens. -ST
Yet, with the buffet of entertainment options today, the joy of reading is still alive and well.
Her name was Mrs Mak, and she was a stern middle-aged woman with a complexion scarred by intense battles with pimples in her youth. -ST
Commuters are so baffled by the profusion of flag-down fares, metered fares, surcharges and phone booking charges that many can't keep up with the changes. - TNP
There should also be a separate database on disabled people in Singapore. - ST
More can be done to develop audiences for local films past and present. -ST
China's size is such that when it grows, it moves the earth and everything else in its wake. -ST
Various studies on Singaporeans' happiness and well-being consistently show that money-related issues weigh most on their minds. -Singapolitics
Highly unlikely other countries will be admitted into the Five Eyes arrangement that unites the intelligence services of the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. -ST
Singapore's "Safe City" pilot programme involves companies working with the Government to integrate advanced analytic capabilities into existing video monitoring systems. -ST
Political meritocracy is central to both Chinese and Western political theory and practice. -ST
Notion of respect matters in German law and society in a way that might not make much sense in the US or Singapore. -ST
Americans don't wish to be drawn into armed conflict involving China. -ST
What is the difference between a leader and a follower? The attitude towards personal popularity. - The Star/ANN
In the rush to build attention-grabbing commercial structures, the use of new materials and distinctive designs can create unanticipated problems. -ST
There was no way you would suspect that my daughter was hiding a dog in her bedroom. -ST
By the time Britain’s Prince George turns 65, more people will be living to the age of 100. -ST