Curved screens - said to be lighter and thinner than current display panels - are at a nascent stage in display technology. -AFP
Singapore is slowly losing the unique brands which form part of the shared cultural identity of its population. - ST
An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 jet with more than 300 people on board clipped a seawall short of the runway at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, July 6, 2013, snapping off its tail and...
Fans and celebrity colleagues mourned the death of veteran actor age of 60 of lymphoma.
Two simultaneous explosions ripped through the crowd at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 16, killing 3 people and injuring 264 on a day when tens of thousands of people pack the...
The Malaysia General Election takes place this year on May 5 - get the latest reports here.
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The lawyer of ex-SCDF chief Peter Lim said his client categorically denies any allegations of corruption.
By 2030, Singapore's population is projected to reach 6.5 to 6.9 million based on a government White Paper. Get the reactions, reports on the debates in Parliament, and measures here.
If more than one candidate stands nominated for the election at the close of nominations, Polling Day will be on Jan 26 , and Cooling-Off Day, the day before.
The drivers staged a sit-in at its rented workers' dormitory in Woodlands, while 88 remained defiant by refusing to return to work the next day.
It was an admission that shocked many. Michael Palmer, MP for Punggol East and Speaker of Parliament, resigned from his positions due to his relationship with a member of the People's...
Vice President Xi Jinping succeeds President Hu Jintao as head of the ruling Communist Party, assuming power at an uncertain time
David Petraeus was a star on the battlefield, commanding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but was undone by 'poor judgment' in engaging in an extramarital affair that led to his downfall as...
Democrat Barack Obama fights for a second term in office against Republican Mitt Romney in what is expected to be a tight contest.
The Barclays Premier League 2012/13 is underway and we can expect another season of spectacular football action.
He and his girlfriend had uploaded photos and videos of themselves in suggestive posts as well as having sex.
Within 24 hours of a racist rant on Facebook, Ms Amy Cheong was sacked from her position as an assistant director at NTUC.
Former CNB chief Mr Ng Boon Gay is facing 4 charges of corruption for obtaining oral sex from Ms Cecilia Sue in return for favours.
A group of islands is the source of rising tensions between Japan and China. The islands are administered by Japan, but claimed by both China and Taiwan.