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Stephanie Yeo
Young Parents
Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

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5 good books for kids

Young Parents | Stephanie Yeo | Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

By Roger Hargreaves (Egmont UK, $6.44 before GST from major bookstores)

Halloween used to be fun, until Little Miss Scary moved into town. Now, it is just scare-your-pants-off scary because you never knew where and when she would strike. Mr Tickle plans to put things right this year - every time she tries to frighten one of the Mr Men, he sneaks up behind her and tickles her, botching her tricks. A cute read that glows in the dark, too. Recommended for kids aged three to six.

By Adam and Charlotte Guillain, illustrated by Lee Wildish (Egmont Press, $16.73 before GST from major bookstores)

George has a marvellous idea - he'll fly to Mars and find out what sweets Martians like best. The candy comes in handy when he meets greedy Yodlers from Yodel and menacing Bangbots from Waabangatoo. But where are the Martians? Read this funny story and start planning a space mission with Junior. Recommended for kids aged three to five.

By Curtis Jobling and Tom McLaughlin (Egmont UK, $16.73 before GST from major bookstores)

This reinterpretation of the children's nursery rhyme has Old Macdonald winning the lottery and buying a zoo, where he has a snake that hisses, wolves that howl and crocodiles that snap. The highlight of this book is the flaps that you can lift to reveal hilarious situations involving the farm animals and their zoo cousins. Recommended for kids aged three to five.

By Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen (Orchard Books, $16.35 before GST from major bookstores)

Lazlo's afraid of the dark. He thinks that if he visits it in the basement during the day, it won't bother him at night. But when the bulb of his night light blows, the dark visits him. Suspenseful and beautifully illustrated, this is perfect for kids who share this fear. And yes, it's by the same author of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Recommended for kids aged three to seven.

By Brianne Farley (Walker Books, $16.35 before GST from major bookstores)

Ike wants to write a story. An incredible story. But first, he needs the right ink, which takes him to the dark side of the moon and back, as well as a lot of mashing and crushing and steaming. Parents who appreciate the creative process will love sharing this eccentric, yet charming, read. Recommended for kids aged three to six.

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