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Nikki Fung
Young Parents
Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014

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Young Parents | Nikki Fung | Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014


By Catherine Carvell, Fremantle Press, $15.90 before GST, from Kinokuniya and Closetful of Books

All Darcy wanted was to try Skippity Chips (they're only the latest snack craze) and fit in with the cool kids. Instead, she's given the responsibility of saving the local swamp. Under the guidance of Wizen, the endangered Western Swamp Tortoise, she must find out why the swamp frogs are disappearing. This fun chapter book is filled with underlying environmental conservation themes. Recommended for kids aged seven to 11.


By Edward Gibbs, Brubaker, Ford & Friends, $16.35 before GST, from major bookstores

What's that peeking through the die-cut hole in the pages? It's something colourful, and something with wings. Use the clues to guess its identity: It's something that flies up high in the sky. Then flip the page to find out if you got it right. This interactive book introduces seven birds in a fun way. When Junior reaches the end, he can peer through the hole in the final page to see what he can spy with his own little eye. Recommended for kids aged two to four.


By Laura Kantor and Sarah Ray, Squidgy Face Books, $11.77, from Bookaburra

Chameleons change colours to blend into their surroundings. But one chameleon isn't like the others. When he's hiding in a tree, he'll turn purple. And in the rain, he's yellow and green. Sometimes, it gets him into trouble. Other times, he just can't be bothered to hide. When he finds a suitcase filled with the most colourful clothing he's ever seen, he's overjoyed. Here, he can hide without worrying about standing out. Best of all, he learns that it's okay to be different. Recommended for kids aged three to six.


By Sarah Mounsey, Brindal Books, $12.99 before GST, from Kinokuniya and Closetful of Books

Strange red spots are popping up all over Eddie's body, and they are oh-so-itchy! Scratching only makes them worse. But no worries, because his friend, William, knows just how to make them go away: An oats and porridge bath is just what Eddie needs. Along with Eddie's dog, Oscar, the boys set out to cure those itchy red dots, pulling in the help of car-wash man Carl, and even a band of helpful firefighters. Recommended for kids aged four to six.


By Mo Willems, Walker Books, $12.28, from Bookaburra

Piggie has a new toy and she just cannot wait to show it to Gerald. But, oh dear, when he tosses it up into the air and accidentally breaks it, Piggie can't help but feel angry. And Gerald's apologies don't make her feel better. Will their friendship break up, too? The plain illustrations and speech-bubble dialogue show that you don't always need elaborate drawings and fancy language to tell a good tale. Recommended for kids aged three to five.

Young Parents, published by SPH Magazines, is available in both digital and print formats.

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