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Monday, Aug 19, 2013


Rano: I will still run SBBF

The New Paper | Ali Kasim | Monday, Aug 19, 2013

SINGAPORE - Rano Izhar Rahmat will not step down as president of the SBBF (Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation), despite its status as a national sports association (NSA) being revoked by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC).

In a statement released last Friday, the SSC said the SBBF failed to satisfactorily clarify issues of concern relating to doping.

Speaking to The New Paper last night, Rano, who took charge of the SBBF in 2011, said he respects the decision and will not be appealing.

"I will still run the SBBF," he said.

"I will quit only when the industry and athletes want me to. And right now, they don't."

The SSC statement explained the main reasons for its decision, which concerned doping issues at last year's national championships, de-affiliation by the Singapore National Olympic Council and other governance matters.

The SSC statement said: "On April 10, SSC had asked the SBBF to explain and clarify issues of concern related to doping at the Singapore National Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships; its de-affiliation by Singapore National Olympic Council; and other governance matters.

"SBBF failed to make a representation by the given deadline - April 30, 2013. When SSC officers met Rano Izhar Rahmat on May 8, he acknowledged the notice but did not address the concerns and issues satisfactorily.

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