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Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017


Xie Bin Seeks First Stoppage Win At ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY

Mixed Martial Arts | Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017
Xie Bin Seeks First Stoppage Win At ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY

Every mixed martial artist who prepares for competition trains with the intention to finish their fights, and keep their destinies out of the judges’ hands.

At ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY on Friday Night, 21 April, “The Stalker” Xie Bin anticipates doing just that when he meets Cambodia’s Chan Rothana at the Mall Of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines.

The Chinese fighter has gone the distance in all of his ONE Championship bouts to date — four in total — and this has made him revisit certain aspects of his game to try and find those split-second opportunities that can lead to a decisive knockout or submission.

Xie has focused on this particular training camp to be more clinical in the striking and ground exchanges, as well as being a more proficient wrestler. He knows he has the ability. Now he just has to reproduce it in competition.

“I have made all-round improvements, especially focusing on strength and conditioning. All my fights have gone the distance, and I intend to change that with my next fight,” Xie states. “A second-round TKO is how I envision the fight will end.”

Any fight can offer lessons and ways to improve. Despite a dominant performance against Mario Satya Wirawan that led to a unanimous decision victory at ONE: AGE OF DOMINATION last December, the 19-year-old athlete found reasons to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate.

Others might rest on their laurels, safe in the knowledge that they were victorious, removing the catalyst for improvement, but not Xie. He is still passionate about honing his craft every day, so he was especially critical about his previous performances.

“I had numerous chances of submitting him, yet I failed to do so, which led me to realize that I really needed to improve my BJJ techniques,” he explains. “I was confident in myself that I would leave with a win, but very disappointed that I was not able to finish my opponent.”

Xie foresees finishing Rothana at ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY, but the Cambodian bantamweight is an extremely durable opponent, who will want to have his own say on how things proceed inside the cage this coming Friday Night.

Rothana is especially motivated by showcasing his nation and his martial arts heritage to the world. So, he has trained extensively at his home gym of Selapak in Cambodia, as well as isolated himself to focus on the contest at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA in Phuket, Thailand.

Even with the commitment and sacrifice the kun khmer specialist has given for the fight, Xie still believes it will not be enough. The analytical Tianjin Top Team combatant fuses brains and brawn, and he has been exhaustive in preparing both for the fight at the Mall of Asia Arena.

"My coaches and I have watched his fights extensively. They feel that I need to disrupt his tempo by mixing up my attack,” he offered, on the tactical front.

Admitting to focusing specifically on his strength and conditioning since his last bout, he will also be prepared physically for the gruelling battle ahead.

“Rothana will bring the fight. He tends to start off fast, but fades if his opponent is able to dictate where and when the engagement happens. I will bring on the grind,” says Xie.

This has the makings of a potential fight of the night. Both warriors have the will to win, and the reasons to stay in the fight when the going gets tough. As “The Stalker” goes all out to prove a point and pick up his first ONE finish, he will have to overcome a man who has endured homelessness, poverty, and a civil war. That does not matter to the Chinese.

"I do not care if he has anything to prove,” Xie states. He is on his own mission, and Rothana is just happens to be the next man in front of him.

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