An inconsiderate driver had left his Audi parked at the roundabout, obstructing the way. -Stomp
Korea aims to boost its use of electric vehicles to 200,000 units by 2020 as part of its bid to promote next-generation cars that are more affordable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. -...
The story this week of more than 20 people who paid good money to a parallel importer for cars they will probably never get is a familiar one. -ST
Certificate of entitlement (COE) prices ended mostly lower in the latest tender yesterday as economic jitters arising from diving oil prices spread. -ST
Many of the customers are convinced that Mr Alvin Loo, the director of Volks Auto, is avoiding them after taking the money. -TNP
LTA's update on the MRT network summarises the progress made in 2014 and outlines upcoming changes to the rail network. -ST
Motorcycles were banned from a main thoroughfare in Jakarta yesterday, as part of a month-long pilot scheme to ease traffic gridlock in the capital city of about 10 million people. -ST
Mastura Ab Karim, 35, and Ahmad Azlan Zakaria, 25, both from Malacca, were heading to Kuala Lumpur with two others for a business trip. -The Star/ANN
The 80-year-old man was driving a 4-wheel drive at the time of the accident. -The Star/ANN