US agency says manufacturer overstated by 1 mile per gallon the rating for city driving of FFV and PZEV models. -Reuters
They can save about $0.40 in toll charges if they use the Link. -The Star/ANN
New Flying Spur V8 moves like a race car and cruise liner all at once. -ST
Motorists were left stranded during the evening rush hour after their vehicles were partially submerged in a parking lot. -The Star/ANN
Ford’s supermini gets a 998cc turbo that punches above its weight. -ST
Price adjustment of RON95 and diesel 'in line' with subsidy rationalisation programme: Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry. -The Star/ANN
The Land Public Transport Commission is expected to announce the lifting of the fixed ceiling rate tomorrow. -The Star/ANN
Audi's new A3 Cabriolet is bigger, better built and a tad less boring. -ST
The fact that the announcement was made during rush hour did not help the situation. -The Star/ANN
Singapore has called a tender for contractors to build the next-generation Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system. -My Paper