Called the "Free Wi-Fi Passport," users can register to the service, supported in English, Chinese and Korean. -WSJ
In the video, she was seen kicking, screaming and resisting security personnel as they try to pull her away from the plane door. -Stomp
The distinctive design stands at 10-metres tall and 47-metres wide and appears on both sides of the fuselage - the aircraft's main body section. -AsiaOne Travel
One powers up on its own almost immediately and pilots restart second. -ST
The beaches are apparently free of rubbish and waste materials, and the waters are pristine blue. -AsiaOne Travel
At the Zao Fox Village in Miyagi, you can walk among the foxes as they roam freely inside the reserve, for a small admission fee. -SPH Razor
This region, located in the northeastern to the northernmost part of mainland Japan, is blessed with hot springs, lakes, and a beautiful countryside. -AsiaOne Travel
It is chosen as one of the top 10 hot springs in the world. -Japan News/ANN
Several domestic and international routes that experienced significant increases in demand would see an additional 16,044 seats. -Jakarta Post/ANN
If you have a day or two to spare while on holiday in Bangkok, here are some of the most popular attractions nearby to explore on a day trip. -AsiaOne Travel