Travel agents have requested a trial period for the GST, which is set to be enforced next Wednesday. -The Star/ANN
Indonesia's largest association of employment agency operators is crying foul over the steep visa processing fees by a private company in Jakarta appointed by the Malaysian Government. -The Star...
Foreign tourists cited unfriendliness and price negotiation while shopping as the least pleasant experience in Korea last year. -Korea Herald/ANN
With so many affordable destinations a short flight away, there's really no need to spend thousands of dollars just to spend the night in the jungle. -MoneySmart
Previously, travellers could only apply for the MACS pass at counters at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints. -AsiaOne
Its laid-back lifestyle and distinct culture are very different from the big cities of the east coast. -China Daily/ANN
A man was caught on camera climbing onto a tree to make petals fall as 'cherry blossom rain' for photos. -China Daily/ANN
The plans airlines push are usually designed to be as bare-bones as possible - after all, nobody is going to sign up for them if they cost more than the air ticket. -MoneySmart
Passengers need only pay for airport taxes and fees when booking under the promotion. -The Star/ANN
For less than £80 for return flights you could be having fun in one of Europe's most expensive cities. -Skyscanner