Since the summer, the yen has fallen against the yuan, as has the British pound. -China Daily/ANN
The cake consisted of the Boxing Day baby's favourite food such as salmon, blueberries, watermelon and strawberries topped with whipped cream. -AsiaOne
Beijing's current international airport is the world's second busiest, but also one of the most delayed. -AFP
If you're heading to Japan any time soon, it would be wise to take a look at some of these 'rules'. -TNP
Fans of the popular British period drama"Downton Abbey" can visit a number of sites depicted in the television series about life among the upper crust early last century. -Reuters
The amount of tip you leave depends on the luxury level of an establishment. Still unsure? These tips will serve as your guide on how to tip and how much. -Skyscanner
Startup company Barcelona Hidden City Tours offers homeless people a job as tour guides in Barcelona. -AFP
The project, which was given final approval by the National Development and Reform Commission, is the costliest project in China's civil aviation history. -China Daily/ANN
Travel agencies are cashing in on demand for sports-themed packages. -ST
The incident saw the man in his 30s shouting at the top of his voice near departure hall, angry at the long wait. -The Star/ANN