One witness described how terrified passengers leapt from their seats as the cabin filled with smoke after the plane skidded to a halt. -AFP
The popularity of Singapore as a stopover point makes it highly susceptible to any changes within the region. -BT
The Singapore Zoo is getting at least seven new big cats, including a pair of rare white tigers. -ST
Hong Kong may lose mainland tourists to Japan, South Korea or Europe if the city tightens the Individual Visit Program. -China Daily/ANN
Malaysia is the most preferred global destination in the fast-growing Muslim travel market. -AFP
Tourism sector is bouncing back, shattering expectations on visitor numbers. -AFP
From a coastal Thai eco-retreat to a Costa Rican jungle getaway, hotel search website Trivago presents some of the world's greenest retreats. -Jakarta Post/ANN
International tourists will receive value-added tax (VAT) refunds on goods they purchase in Viet Nam at one more airport. -VNN/ANN
Initial capacity will likely be up to 50m, but increase to 70m if needed. -ST
The theme park will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on that day. -AsiaOne Travel