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HK trip postponement and cancellations will not be covered: NTUC Income

AsiaOne | Sunday, Oct 5, 2014

SINGAPORE - NTUC Income will not cover certain travel inconvenience benefits after "Occupy Central", the on-going demonstrations in Hong Kong, has been made known via travel advisories issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

A notice posted in the travel insurance section of NTUC Income's website said: "In view of the protest in Hong Kong publicised by the mass media and travel advisory by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, certain travel inconvenience benefits such as 'Cancelling your trip' and 'Postponing your trip' will not be covered if you have activated travel insurance policies for trips to Hong Kong after this event was made known. The protest in Hong Kong is now regarded as a known event and is excluded under our travel insurance policy."

MFA updated its travel notice on Oct 1, advising Singaporeans in Hong Kong to avoid areas where there are demonstrations, and to take necessary precautions for personal safety, which include purchasing comprehensive travel and medical insurance.


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