Gerald Montgomery, 51, is accused of second-degree assault after trying to sneak in the back door of a home. -AFP
These 50 upcoming attractions will join the ranks of the ancient Great Wall of China and Disney franchises. -AsiaOne Travel
The move automatically dissolves the government, though the president can reappoint ministers to their posts. -AFP
Israel could suffer hundreds of civilian dead and damage to its vital infrastructure from Hezbollah rockets if it fights another war with the Iranian-backed Lebanese guerrilla group. -Reuters
Lufthansa said 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz had told the airline in 2009 about his illness after interrupting his flight training. -AFP
Torrential rains have soaked the Atacama region, home to the world's driest desert. -AFP
A hippo, monkeys and snakes also made it, thanks to their dedicated keepers. -AFP
Nearly 85 per cent held driver's licenses in 2010, compared to barely half in the early 1970s. -AFP
Faloona presented his findings at a conference near Yosemite National Park in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. -Reuters
The explosion killed two people on the spot, while the rest have died in hospitals in the days that followed. -AFP