6 football officials were arrested in Zurich early Wednesday upon request from US authorities, suspected of receiving bribes worth millions of dollars. -AFP
It felt as if it was back during the time of World War II. -Japan News/ANN
It was told that Man Haron Monis, who took more than a dozen customers and staff hostage, had mental health issues and at times believed he was under constant surveillance. -AFP
Sustained economic growth and the emergence of a middle class on the continent may finally clear the obstacles from the runway. -AFP
Thirty-seven productions opened during the latest season. -Reuters
They were apparently phoned in to police by the same person. -Reuters
Scotti was convicted in absentia by an Italian court in 1991 for the illegal possession of firearms, extortion and more than 20 homicides. -Reuters
Casino supporters hope to attract Asian gamblers including Chinese high rollers. -Reuters
Google, which used Java to design its Android smartphone operating system, appealed to the US Supreme Court.
Cardinal George Pell has been accused by a victim of trying to bribe him to keep quiet. -AFP