Prosecutors have rejected a request from the defence to have the case dismissed on the grounds of a lack of evidence. -Reuters
There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. -AFP
This was after lenders to the current owners became frustrated at its attempts to restructure debt. -AFP
The police issued an online appeal last week for images of the crash site - before, during and after - to aid a reconstruction of events. -AFP
A tornado had touched down during a storm that brought heavy rains, lightning and flooding. -AFP
Called for an airline summit to discuss the industry's response to the downing of an airliner. -Reuters
A suicide bomber disguised as a guest came to Hashmat Karzai's house to greet him. -AFP
This after images emerged of the two Australian citizens holding the severed heads of Syrian soldiers. -AFP
The incident on Monday raised to 10 the number of military fatalities For the day. -Reuters
The EU is set to approve punishing sanctions against Russia over its role in the Ukraine crisis. -AFP