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Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

World, Mailbox

Editorial on Putin's tactics: Russian ambassador replies

The Straits Times | Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

The Ambassador of Russia to Singapore, Leonid Moiseev, replies regarding Vladmir Putin's tactics.

I sincerely hope your editorial writers watched the voting in Crimea on Sunday ("Putin's tactics an affront to all"; last Friday).

Western correspondents were allowed to monitor the process from the very beginning to the end; there was live coverage on CNN and other major channels.

The outcome was an unequivocal verdict on the 22 years of Ukraine rule.

By the way, it was not President Vladimir Putin who novelised international law with "humanitarian interventions" and the "responsibility to protect", not to mention "coalitions of the willing" to bypass the United Nations.

Leonid Moiseev
Ambassador of Russia to Singapore


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