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Saturday, Sep 6, 2014


Israeli spy device blast kills Hezbollah man in Lebanon

AFP | Saturday, Sep 6, 2014

BEIRUT - A member of Lebanon's Hezbollah was killed when an Israeli listening device exploded in the south of the country, the Shiite militant group said on Saturday.

On Friday, the army said that a "suspicious device" had been found near the town of Adlun, and that "the Israeli enemy blew it up remotely, killing a civilian who was in the area".

Hezbollah confirmed that the man killed was in fact one of its own.

"With pride, the Islamic Resistance announces the death of the hero Hassan Haidar Ali, a native of the town of Ansariyeh in southern Lebanon," the group said in a statement.

It added that Haidar had discovered the device "placed in the communications network of the Resistance" and had been working to dismantle it.

Lebanon has frequently reported Israeli espionage devices being destroyed in the south of the country since Hezbollah and the Jewish state fought a devastating war in 2006.

More than 100 people accused of spying for Israel have been arrested in Lebanon since April 2009, most of them army members or telecommunications employees.

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