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Muslim women in US scared to wear hijab in public after Trump win

Mashable | Rachel Thompson | Thursday, Nov 10, 2016

Photo: Reuters, Twitter

LONDON - The world has woken up to the news that Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.

While many are celebrating Trump's victory right now, some Muslim women are expressing fear that they may be targeted by hate crime.

In December 2015, Trump called for a total ban on Muslims entering the US, making reference to claims some American Muslims support violence against the United States.

Many have taken to social media to warn Muslim women not to wear the hijab, niqab or burka in public, citing the 41 per cent rise in race and religious hate crimes following the Brexit referendum on European Union membership.

Some people have shared the advice given to them by family members. One Muslim woman in the US tweeted that her mother had texted her advising her not to wear the hijab in public.

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Some gave advice to those who don't feel safe to wear the hijab in their area.

Others took to Twitter to warn about a potential rise in hate crime following the election.

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Others have urged people not to stand by if they see any violence directed towards Muslim women.

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Their fears have sparked an outpouring of support and solidarity on Twitter.

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