Israel believes Iran and world powers are likely to reach a deal that eases international sanctions on Teheran without applying sufficiently stringent safeguards to stop it developing nuclear weapons...
Putin has vowed to pursue those who killed Nemtsov, calling the murder a "provocation". -Reuters
He did not tell newspaper Bild am Sonntag how much extra Europe's largest economy would spend, or when the increases would kick in. -Reuters
One person was arrested on Saturday and another was arrested during the night. Both were released in the early hours of Sunday morning, the police spokeswoman said. -Reuters
The CCTV pictures, dated Feb 17 and Feb 18, are from Bayrampasa bus station on the European side of Istanbul, which the girls reached by metro from the airport, Milliyet newspaper said, citing police...
Their entry song - a rowdy tirade against the numbing nature of daily chores that clocks only 87 seconds - earned just 10 per cent of the jury vote but soared to 37 per cent once viewers had their...
Forty million people out of a population of around 78 million use the Internet in Iran. -AFP
We asked a panel of fashion experts-and some dapper guys-for verdicts on seven controversial trends, from the sockless look to suspiciously well-groomed stubble. -WSJ
UNICEF said it fears hundreds of boys were kidnapped last month in northeast South Sudan, raising suspicions that abductors were from a pro-government militia. -AFP
Science explains how people can look at an identical object and see it differently. -WSJ