As many as 22 personnel may have been exposed to anthrax during a laboratory training exercise. -AFP
Recent cases of teenagers who become radicalised online have drawn concern among security officials in the region and beyond. -ST
Experts also point to some young people feeling disconnected from society. -ST
Germany currently holds the rotating G7 presidency and is stressing that the Greek crisis is not officially on the agenda. -AFP
Iran and six world powers are trying to meet a self-imposed June 30 deadline to reach a comprehensive deal. -Reuters
US authorities said nine football officials were among 14 people facing up to 20 years in jail. -AFP
Rocket launchers, tanks, howitzers sent to border area, but Kremlin says suggestion of invasion "inappropriate". -Reuters
US Congress would have to pass legislation in order to lift the embargo. -AFP
The civilians asked to take precautionary medication after US military facility in Utah mistakenly shipped live samples of anthrax. -Reuters
Jack Warner protested his innocence on Facebook, but later surrendered to authorities. -AFP