Nearly five decades later, she says the Church has not gone nearly far enough with reforms. -AFP
The late Andrew Getty, the heir to the Getty oil fortune, had a serious illness, court documents showed. -AFP
The land was one of more than about 60 properties taken from the drug lords. -AFP
Share prices for Brazilian state-owned oil giant Petrobras soared after it announced it had signed an agreement to obtain $4.8 billion in funding from the China Development Bank. -AFP
The fast-food giant announced that it would increase the wages of 90,000 employees in the United States and offer them paid time-off. -AFP
He will begin a month-long attachment spending time on bush patrols, working with an indigenous regiment and possibly flying helicopters. -AFP
He hopes the format will allow him to cast himself as a statesman against squabbling pretenders. -Reuters
Three German reporters and an American journalist are suing the Ferguson police over their treatment during racially charged riots last year. -AFP
Oregon's biggest city banned the use of an insecticide on city lands blamed by conservationists as a factor in the decline of honey bees. -Reuters
Women travelling to join Islamic State militants are taking on new roles, on the frontline and as medics. -Reuters