Every time you fly, there is a chance you may get slapped with some pesky airlines fees which you are not aware of and can't get away from. -AsiaOne Travel
The decision, due by the end of June, will determine whether gay marriage will be legal nationwide. -Reuters
Scheduling conflict cited as the reason for no-show. -Reuters
Tyrone Sevilla, was diagnosed with autism in 2008, a condition the Migration Review Tribunal said posed a "significant cost" to the Australian community in denying the family a visa...
A key concern is the physical return of a 90-year-old border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, -AFP
The amendment could derail a Pacific trade pact. -Reuters
The 27-year-old, who has pleaded not guilty due to insanity, listened calmly as the prosecutor set out his case on the first day of his trial. -AFP
Stone-throwing mobs clashed with police after the funeral of a black man who died of spinal injuries apparently suffered during his arrest. -AFP
Under the agreed parameters, Iran, which denies seeking the atomic bomb, is set to scale down its nuclear programme. -AFP
It is a human tragedy but the continent can neither be held ransom by smugglers nor ignore the wishes of its citizens. -ST