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Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014


Terrifying video shows strong winds pushing baby pram onto train tracks in London

Stomp | Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014

A baby pram was caught on camera getting blown off the platform and onto the train tracks in London, while the baby was still sitting in it.

A video released by British Transport Police (BTP) showed a man bringing a pram down at the bottom of the stairs, not far from the railway tracks.

As he went up the stairs to help his wife, the pram with the baby inside was blown onto the train tracks within a few seconds.

It rolled onto the tracks just moments after a train left.

Realising what had happened, the anxious parents rushed to rescue the baby and the pram off the tracks.

The child's mother jumped onto the tracks, while the father helped pull it up the platform.

The couple was later seen inspecting their baby for any injuries.

According to various British media, another train was pulling into the station but stopped in time when the driver saw the incident.

The parents did not report the incident to the staff at the train station.

The British police are currently looking for the family to ensure that the child was not injured.

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