The dog, named Bentley,was placed in a 21-day quarantine to check for signs of infection after Pham was diagnosed with Ebola. -Reuters
Let's recap some relevant information on breast cancer and note the steps for its early detection. -tabla!
Traveling on a US government plane, Power's delegation did not come in contact with any Ebola patients. -Reuters
Ebola is not airborne says medical professionals. -Reuters
It is organising strikes and other protests against what it views as insufficient protection for nurses caring for patients stricken with Ebola. -Reuters
Americans consume too much sodium, according to current guidelines, and much of the excess may be hidden in our sandwiches, researchers say. -Reuters
The World Bank announced a $100-million fund for more health workers. -AFP
Brittany Maynard, a cancer sufferer, made headlines earlier this month when a video of her making her suicide threat went viral. -AFP
The TCM Act will provide regulations which ensure that practitioners adhere to standards and prescribed guidelines. -The Star/ANN
She faced the possibility of amputating her entire leg to keep the cancer from spreading to other parts of her body. -AsiaOne