Fairland Scot Ferguson tells Joan Chew that despite breaking 46 bones in her body in an accident when she was 20, she is now a stunt rider. -MYB
It is important to have filler injections done by doctors and to use only approved products. -MYB
Severe depression, or major depressive disorder, is different from the gloomy emotions that we all feel from time to time. -MYB
Taiwanese personality Chen Meifen got fans and netizens' jaws dropping when she posted a photo of herself in a sizzling hot-pink bikini. -Lollipop
Five years ago, Alex Minsky was a marine who lost his leg during combat. -Lollipop
Joan Chew finds out whether those with medical conditions can take up cycling - MYB
Doctors here are seeing their share of botched beauty jobs, too, sometimes the result of people patronising unlicensed practitioners. -MYB
Among them are low-lying placenta, abruptio placenta, blood disorders and pre-existing fibroids. -TNP
To care for her in 5-room Bedok flat, he hires 2 nurses, 2 maids, a nanny and driver. -TNP
President Barack Obama's announcement of a major expansion in trying to halt the spread of Ebola has won praise. -ST