Tobacco plants could be enlisted in the fight against flu even sooner if a pandemic hit. -Reuters
Nutrition and weight loss, preventative and personalised health, complementary and alternative medicine, beauty and anti-aging treatments were biggest growing sectors. -Reuters
Parents having more faith in archaic notions than in modern healthcare refused polio vaccines to 129 children. -Dawn/ANN
More than 150,000 sufferers left without life-saving drugs for about a month. -Reuters
The Ebola epidemic is spreading so fast that it is turning into a humanitarian crisis leaving children orphaned, families hungry and people dying of treatable conditions, top health experts said. -...
Pole dancing is a form of art which demands strength and flexibility. -Jakarta Post/ANN
A "crucial" moment in the fight against pathogens such as ebola. -AFP
An unusual respiratory virus has sickened more than 400 children across the United States, and the emergence of sudden paralysis in some Colorado youths is sparking concern among doctors. -AFP
Acupuncture won't improve chronic knee pain in middle-aged people, researchers say. -Reuters
Ionizing radiation, which can come from cardiac stress tests, CT scans and certain heart procedures, is tied to increased cancer risk. -Reuters