"The donut is sweet, but not overpoweringly so, (and) the real beefy flavor cuts through." -AFP
Quarantining all people from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia who were showing Ebola-like symptoms on arrival in the city. -AFP
Doctors, nurses and hospital workers fighting the Ebola epidemic in west Africa are struggling with a daily burden of exhaustion. -AFP
White rice can cause blood sugar levels to spike, which makes it undesirable for diabetics. -MYB
The 100th donor, 27-year-old engineer Lim Yun Song, did his part in May. -ST
The two atomic reactors at the Sendai plant were safe enough to switch back on. -AFP
Among older adults with dementia, those who are also depressed tend to have more rapid cognitive decline. -Reuters
Hong Kong actor Liu Dan believes that starting young is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. -MYB
The US Peace Corps announced it was pulling hundreds of volunteers from the three countries. -AFP
Doctors, nurses being trained to help ease patients in pain, counsel families. -ST