Singapore could have designated smoking areas all over the country if they work well in Nee Soon South. -ST
Hi-tech made possible for blind woman to see her newborn baby. -AFP
Aging practitioners claim that GST could very well be the final nail in the coffin for them. -The Star/ANN
Those against are uncomfortable with the Government wanting complete access to details of their income and health. -ST
A student in Beijing is suing his university after he was allegedly expelled for having the rare hereditary blood disease haemophilia. -TNP
The number of flights undertaken by "doctor helicopters" in fiscal 2013 hit a record of more than 20,000. -Yomiuri Shimbun/ANN
Mr Peter Sng is the oldest of 56 cyclists attempting the KDF Millennium Ride starting today, which involves crossing borders at Thailand and Malaysia before ending in Singapore. -ST
Gas springs in the lower region of the suit restrict the wearer's leg movements, making it difficult to walk. -TNP
More people here are suffering from this chronic autoimmune disease, which needs more research as the survival rate has not improved since the 1990s. -MYB, ST
The system consists of two kinect sensors that measure the speed of a subject's body movements using infrared. -TNP