More than 125 million women have been mutilated in 29 countries in Africa and Middle East, according to WHO, which condemns the practice as a "violation of the human rights" of women. -AFP
But Maine said it will seek a court order to keep Kaci Hickox, who had worked in Sierra Leone, at her home if necessary. -AFP
China is "vulnerable" to the deadly Ebola outbreak due to the soaring number of Chinese working in Africa and poor infection control at home, a co-discoverer of the virus warned Thursday. -...
MERS causes coughing, fever and sometimes pneumonia, killing around 40 per cent of its victims. -Reuters
The device will be developed with US firm ResMed Inc, which currently makes products to treat sleep disorders. -Reuters
New rules for such programs aim at curbing misleading advice and the pushy sell of ungrounded theories on TV. -China daily/ANN
Tools for preventing strokes include a healthy diet, home blood pressure monitoring and an online stroke-risk estimator, according to updated guidelines issued Wednesday. -Reuters
An analysis of the first Ebola cases in Sierra Leone helps draw a clearer picture of why some people survive the disease, while others do not. -Reuters
At least two mainstream schools have partnered Pathlight School, so students with autism can attend self-contained classes in mainstream schools and interact with their peers. -ST
A five-year-old girl in the UK had to be placed on a life-support machine after suffering a reaction to antibiotics prescribed to counter high fever. -TNP