Our skin is a complex structure and it is constantly changing as we age. -tabla!
Most dental problems do not have symptoms in the early stages and when the symptoms arrive at an advanced stage of disease. -tabla!
Preparations have begun for the culling of more than 150,000 birds, including ducks and chicken, after avian influenza was reported in parts of Alappuzha, Kottayam and Kumarakom. -tabla!
Moderate exercise is encouraged during pregnancy for plenty of reasons, but it may also help women avoid gaining too much weight, say UK researchers. -Reuters
Early in 2014, the United States Food and Drug Administration moved tanning lamps into a new category of "moderately harmful" medical devices, and with good reason, researchers say. -Reuters
Residents in Ren Ci's newest nursing home could be getting their medication from a "smart" trolley that matches them to the drugs they are supposed to take. -ST
The man was admitted to Mount Alvernia Hospital on Monday but passed away on Thursday after his condition deteriorated. -AsiaOne
The ban comes under the new Prohibited Tobacco Products Regulations made under Section 15 of the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act. -AsiaOne
Miss Rosie Skinner is believed to suffer from pica - an eating disorder in which people eat non-food materials. -AsiaOne
A team of researchers commissioned by Japan's Health Ministry studied the vapour produced by e-cigarettes for signs of carcinogens. -AFP