Swine flu deaths have breached the 1000 mark, while those infected with the H1N1 virus crossed 18000. -Statesman/ANN
Mr Tan, in a Facebook post on Thursday, said he went for a health check-up in the morning after experiencing discomfort in his right chest area for about a week. -ST
Sports fans need to start using earplugs at noisy events made worse by vuvuzela trumpets, WHO said. -Reuters
Studies have shown that those who do regular cardio exercises have 2-3 times lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. -Korea Herald/ANN
TV host Kelly Latimer exercises for work as well as for fun. -MYB, ST
While going under the knife to enhance one's physical looks is now prevalent in Asia, a young woman from Japan has taken her pursuit of beauty to the extreme. -AsiaOne
It's never easy to tell someone that he has an incurable cancer, especially if the patient is seeing you for the first time. -MYB, ST
At first glance, Mr Philip Yeo, 63, looks like any other man on the street. -ST
Volunteers visit CGH weekly, share stories on living with ostomy bags. -ST
Timing sexual intercourse with your fertile period during your menstrual cycle may help to optimise the chance of conception. -MYB, ST