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Too many doctors, too little training

The Star/ANN | Christina Chin | Sunday, Aug 18, 2013

MALAYSIA - Come next year, some 5,000 doctors are expected to be jobless.

This is because there are not enough government hospitals to train the large number of medical graduates being churned out, says Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Datuk Dr N.K.S. Tharmaseelan.

"There are just too many doctors and too many medical institutions flooding the market," he claims, adding that there are now about 40,000 active doctors in the country.

"Some 5,000 doctors are graduating yearly but where are they going to do their housemanship and compulsory training?

"Currently in government hospitals, there are some 60 doctors in one unit so how are they going to learn?" he asks, adding that soon there will not be enough posts for medical officers in government hospitals.

According to the 2011 Health Ministry Annual Report, 21,765 out of 28,309 vacancies for medical officers have been filled, he says.

"This means that by now, the 6,544 available posts would have almost been filled. Where will the fresh graduates go next year?"

Dr Tharmaseelan calls on the government to build more hospitals, increase the number of beds in existing ones and equip the district hospitals with training facilities to accommodate the influx of aspiring doctors.

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