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Malaysia elections: Stars want 'democracy, patriotism and time for healing'

The Star's #MyWant Twitter question, which asked "What do Malaysians want?" -The Star/ANN

Thu, May 09, 2013
The Star/Asia News Network

PETALING JAYA - The most closely-contested general election ever in the country's history has had many local celebrities calling for a more unified nation and a time for healing.

The Star's #MyWant Twitter question, which asked "What do Malaysians want?" generated heartfelt responses from several celebrities and other independent views.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng tweeted: "Witnessing d power of rakyat when united, #MyWant is for my fellow rakyat to stay united & patriotic in pushing for our democracy and rights."

DJ Blink kept his comment short and sweet by saying, "Harmony."

Pop crossover violinist Dennis Lau said :"#MyWant I think the Goverment should seriously realise, understand & fulfil the needs of the rakyat."

On moving ahead, actor Hans Isaac tweeted, "Congratulations to all. Now it's time to give results and work for the rakyat."

TV host Daphne Iking, who returned to Penampang, Sabah, to vote, posted: "I'm glad election is over because whatever colour I wear, gets misconstrued as me favouring one party over another (or an NGO)."

"Didn't quite like that. I am donning virgin white. To represent a new clean slate. For everyone, old and new, to make things right again. For the people," she added.

National unity was high on folk rock singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor's list, writing: "Bangsa Malaysia: a nation free of racial categories and rhetoric ... and a free, balanced, and accountable media!"

Red FM deejay JJ echoed Azmyl's sentiment when he tweeted, "In black & white we all look the same.. I am Malaysian!!"

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 and Miss Malaysia World 2007 Deborah Henry, tweeted: "Today I thought about how the majority of my close friends are all ethnically mixed up. This is the new M'sia and it's beautiful!"

Indie singer-songwriter Liyana Fizi also pleaded for the nation to stick together: "Don't let power break us apart. We are bigger than that.

"Don't join in to fan hate among races."

Comedian Harith Iskandar mused: "Amongst the non-stop political postings, rantings of anger, hope, joy ... I still get dozens of Candy Crush requests every 5 mins.

"Seems like there's one thing that Malaysians are equally as passionate about as their politics!"

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