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Local tuition teacher earning $520,000 a year and more. -AsiaOne

Sun, Sep 05, 2010


  • Last night's first prize 4-D number 8213 is a permutation of a number written on an altar in a shrine at Yew Tee
  • Local tuition teacher earning $520,000 a year
  • Getai performance at a cemetery to entertain the "hungry ghosts" there
  • 1,500 people visit cemetery at CCK to pray to the "hungry ghosts"
  • Yew Tee shrine helped devotees strike 4-D prizes four times within 12 days
  • Tampines "Hungry Ghost Festival" organisers stopped holding celebrations for 5 years after some people who bid for their auction items failed to pay up
  • Workers at a dormitory at Sg. Kadut claim their belongings were taken from their rooms and thrown outside the building; they have since lodged a police report
  • Indon tycoon passes away in S'pore
  • Fire broke out at a coffeeshop at Bt. Batok Ave. 3, one man hospitalised after inhaling smoke
  • Bookshop in NTU may have broken the law when it photocopied textbooks for students that were out-of-stock
  • Stacks of cardboard being transported by a lorry caught fire all of a sudden when lorry was driving along Hougang
  • Dispute between landlord and tenants at Punggol market over rental contract turn ugly; police called in
  • 50 bars at Duxton Hill were shut during the past 2 years; 7 women were also arrested for exposing their boobs
  • Starhub network at Bukit Timah down on Fri night; residents at terrace houses in area couldn't use their HPs
  • 100 new immigrants take part in Northwest CDC activity
  • No company keen to take up 3 premium bus routes offered by LTA; they say conditions set down by LTA are too harsh
  • 150kg obese man succeeded in losing 50kgs
  • S'pore milk powder exported to China inspected by Chinese authorities and found to contain bacteria


  • Elderly gentleman who wears shorts beaten up after he rented 100 chairs to reserve places for himself at a getai performance at Beach Rd
  • Would you pay a few thousand dollars for a bottle of someone else's pee?
  • NTU: female students who work as prostitutes will be expelled
  • 9 stupid questions you shouldn't ask during your job interview
  • Man who bumped his vehicle onto another car punched himself in attempt to make himself appear the victim of an attack
  • Flat tenant claims that a female fellow tenant often stood outside the toilet after bathing to prevent other tenants from going in
  • 600 private property owners expected to give up their HDB resale flats
  • MRT services suspended at Jurong East & Clementi; few complaints from commuters
  • SM Goh: S'poreans' problems caused by our own success
  • 24 year-old mainland Chinese graduate looking for a hubby
  • Female boss of massage parlour accused of assaulting one of her masseuses who wanted to join competitor; she denies this and says it's a small misunderstanding; admits that her loud manner may have caused the misunderstanding
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