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Anti-foreigner threads on Internet forums

Some local forums are platforms for bashing foreign workers, including Pinoys, PRC Chinese and Bangladeshis. -TNP
Nathaniel Fetalvero

Sat, Oct 13, 2012
The New Paper

SINGAPORE - One said he would never eat at a restaurant if it was mostly manned by foreigners.

Another boasted that he would never hire foreigners if they came asking for a job at his workplace. In a thread yesterday, yet another netizen questioned why forum posters were so against foreigners, condemning it as yet another "self righteous 'racist' thread".

However, in a separate thread on the same forum two days before, a netizen with the same Internet handle said that Ms Amy Cheong's comment about Malay weddings was "a very infuriating piece of news coming from a highly educated executive".

And in yet another thread that same day, that supposedly same netizen popped up again, once again called Ms Cheong "suay (Hokkien for unlucky) by opening that mouth of hers".

Expressing outrage

For the past few days, as netizens went about expressing their outrage at the racist comments that Ms Cheong posted on her Facebook page, racist posts continued to appear on the same forums. Some of these posts appear to have been made by the same netizens, as evident by their Internet handles.

There are several threads on local forums laced with racially sensitive titles and carrying content bashing foreign workers, including Pinoys, PRC Chinese and Bangladeshis.

Some threads even went so far as to ask netizens to choose which kind of foreigners were the worst. A vulgarity-laden response on the thread claimed that they were "all the same".

And it appears that some practise "selective racism".

One poster claimed that racism "only occurs when the races discriminated against are Indian, Malay and Singaporean Chinese" and that racism to any other race is "justifiable" .

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Another made a distinction between locals and foreigners, saying that foreigners who bully Singaporeans deserve to be discriminated against.

Some netizens are proud of their dislike of foreigners and are commended by fellow posters on the forum for "making their stand".

One netizen even started a thread, in which he boasted that he had boycotted establishments or businesses "infested" by foreigners working there.

He claimed that if he was eating at a place where foreigners worked, he would request to not be served by them and that "100 per cent of (the) time the manager acceded to my request".

He was congratulated by several netizens, who then went on to suggest restaurants and eateries where the servers are all locals.

Another popular topic for discussion on the forums is whether foreigners or Singaporeans were more intelligent.

Although there were some who commented on how some foreigners are very intelligent and only moved here as it is easier to secure a job here compared to their home countries, some posters seemed bitter about the consensus of the thread.

One post read: "Even if they can achieve better results so What? Come my company interview for jobs I sure reject."

But there were others who questioned the views of these netizens. Netizen Rokusaburo said in a post: "Racism is racism. No amount of justification can make it less serious. No amount of reason can justify racism."

He was quickly called an "FT (foreign talent) infiltrator".

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