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TV host used to chat up girls online

Lee Teng had to adapt to life in Singapore after moving here from Taiwan when he was nine. -TNP

Sat, Mar 28, 2009
The New Paper

LIKE Pornsak, Lee Teng also had to adapt to life in Singapore after moving here from Taiwan when he was nine.

But the 25-year-old host actually found his Mandarin improving at Jalan Teck Whye Primary School.

He said: "The teachers expected my Mandarin to be better because I came from Taipei, and that got me to work even harder at it."

After his mother left him alone in Singapore, he cried for three nights in a row.

Life was hard under his guardian, a private tutor whom he describes as being very strict. He wasn't allowed to watch television.

He had a telephone in his room, but it had a lock over it. The only number he could dial was "9", in case he needed the police.

When Lee Teng was 15 and studying at Victoria School, he became obsessed with surfing the Internet and his grades began slipping.

He confessed he would also chat up girls on the Net. It was with much amusement and some embarrassment that he recounted his first meeting with a girl he got to know this way.

The turning point came when his grades got worse than those of a friend.

Lee Teng said it was a blow to his ego because he considered himself smarter than his friend.

"I had a major quarrel with him. Then he wrote me a long e-mail to encourage me. "He helped me pull my grades up. If it wasn't for him, I can't imagine where I would be now."

Lee Teng eventually graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a degree in accountancy.

He then joined talent show SuperHost where he came in first runner-up. Lee Teng believes many teenagers will go through a period where they can be led astray. "I've been very lucky to meet a lot of friends who have influenced me positively," he said.

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