The clip shows a brown toy poodle being placed inside a washing machine by a man who then closes the lid. -AsiaOne
Nominate your favourite bank for AsiaOne People's Choice Awards 2015! -AsiaOne
Video footage showed the two kissing in Wong's Beijing apartment where she lived since her divorce with her second husband. -AsiaOne
Lim Boo Hiong, 64, was last seen in the vicinity of Kim Tian Road on Sep 11. -AsiaOne
Leong Boon Tat, 82, was last seen in the vicinity of 11 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2 on Sep 16. -AsiaOne
The alert cabby reported a passenger who was behaving suspiciously. -AsiaOne
The public is advised not to be alarmed and to keep clear of areas in which the exercises will take place. -AsiaOne
The telco also said that it was able to deliver more iPhones to customers on the first day of sales as compared to previous launches. -AsiaOne
Designed by the South Korean star himself, the collection comprises 13 pieces of jewellery, which includes bracelets, anklets and necklaces. -AsiaOne
Car parking lots across Singapore have been turned into urban breathing spaces for everyone to enjoy as part of a global initiative to re-imagine parking spaces. -AsiaOne